T H A T   C A P I T A L   " L "   I S   N O   M I S T A K E
San Diego-raised, JenaLyn Newman is a graduate from the University of California based in the same city, with a Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts (Media). While designing professionally for over fifteen years with a variety of established institutions and companies as well as up-and-coming enterprises, her affinity for art and design has been a lifelong journey, still very much in progress.
On a personal note, JenaLyn is on Photoshop and Illustrator way too much, and she shares the same height as most sophomores in high school. If you happen to be a big fan of food, good tunes, and artsy-fartsy stuff, then you'll probably be wrangled into becoming her new best friend. JenaLyn also cultivates a (potentially) unhealthy obsession with paper toys. Her laughs are loud and awkward, and when she does sleep, she proudly hibernates like a bear.
W H Y   " I T ' S 1 2 A M " ?​​​​​​​
It's 12AM & Photoshop just ate my file. What's your excuse?  Everybody knows what a midnight snack is. It's the middle of the night and you can't sleep. There's nothing on TV at this time of night except for infomercials about shiny new products you'll probably never ever need (another doodad-gizmo-majig? Really?), so to avoid giving into that temptation, you end up in the kitchen stuffing your face, and then there goes your diet!
It just so happens that a lot of my initial adventures into designing occurred at this time — I don't know, something about dead silence being interrupted by the blaring TV in my room just gets me into the zone. Also, everyone's asleep so there's no one bothering me to wash dishes or fix the internet because it "broke" somehow. It's magical.
Hope you enjoyed the fruits of my insomnia! Er, labor.
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