Sun God Festival 2013

3rd Annual UCSD Powwow

Swipe Development

Paper Selves

Jax's Baby Shower

Missing some adorableness from your life? Check out this project that's baby-lion themed! For this event, I was enlisted to design invitations as well as little paper toy give aways.

Hullabaloo 2012

This is the second year the Hullabaloo festival has been in place, given that it was created to replace the FallFest event that used to occur later in the quarter. What's more, Hullabaloo is done in partnership with the Founders Celebration which is a day-long event commemorating when UCSD was officially founded in 1960. With this connection, Hullabaloo usually occurs at night, and we thus tried to simulate a night-life within the design through the use of deep, evening colors that act in compliment to the light shows and carnival rides set up at the actual event.

Sun God Festival 2012

SGF2012 was not only my first year spearheading the year-long project, but also the 30th anniversary. The website in its full dress can be viewed at here.

The first poster was used as a teaser poster, and the first display of the logo used to commerate the festival's 30th anniversary.

Meanwhile, the second poster is the theme's concept fully realized: bright and full colors to depict various objects such as the instruments and painting palettes and abstract shapes to emphasize not only the festival's musical aspect, but art as well. This version of this year's theme design was used when the official lineup was announced and the greater portion of campaigning began.

Various posters created to help promote aspects of the festival that relied heavily on student participation, such as the DJ Battle and Battle of the Bands that consist entirely of student musicians.

These bookmarks depicted the various performers of the official lineup, and were used when the festival committee (ASCE) officially released this information to the public; prior to that, they were kept secret until about a month before the actual festival date.

Because the website is a main source of information for the event, we had to ensure that all content would be displayed in an aesthetically as well as functional manner. Various adjustments were also made to SGF12's design in comaprison to the previous, such as the navigation bar.

The festival guide is an additional print-component not only used to campaign the event, but also for students to reference. It's essentially a pocket guide that has information in regards to students potentially at risk, the general layout of the festival, and set times for numerous performances since there are three different stages that hold different happenings.

Forum Designs 2012-2013

As a hobby, I occasionally take part in online communities centered on collaborative writing, and while doing so I've gotten into the habit of developing "skins" — layout designs made to be used on various blogging and forum platforms. This has helped me continue evolving my own design style and become more familiar with the back-end aspect of web design.

Zombie Flinch

Flinch is a musician who headlined a dubstep concert in celebration of Halloween. Because of the concert's name Zombie Whomp!, I illustrated a zombie-fied version of the musician. Although we ended up going with a different design route for the overall graphics, this still happens to be one of my favorite illustrated works.

Despite going with a different design for the concert's campaign, this initial variation was still a great opportunity to experiment with different shading and lining techniques, especially due to the figure's transformation into a green-based palette.

Cell Signaling Series

The AS Graphic Studio, for which I work at currently, not only conducts student projects, but works with staff and faculty members as well for various intents. One such faculty member, Edward A. Dennis, came to us to help develop and design illustrations for a series of textbooks he was writing with a colleague. As opposed to the normal cover designs of such textbooks, he wanted to go for a fresher look with vibrant colors that would also help draw in students.

Various Instruments

Instruments initially made for the SGF12 event noted as a previous highlight.

I Mustache You a Question

Simply a design exercise to experiment with various lining and shading techniques in Illustrator.

Shadows Taller Than Our Souls

The Blind Side of God

Another design exercise that promoted the use of Illstrator and Photoshop interchangeably.

Sunny Paper Toy

One of my paper toy designs constructed from scratch. This is the semi-final product for a commissioned toy — the special idea around it was to figure out a way to develop the shape of it, rather than just have an image of a sun over a folded box (which I think would have been a cop out). This was done through emphasizing the ridges, or sun's "light rays", giving it a unique shape and rather fun to play with once made.

Carrot Paper Toy

21st Birthday


You, the Living

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Everybody knows what a midnight snack is. It's the middle of the night and you can't sleep. There's nothing on TV at this time of night except for infomercials about shiny new products you'll probably never ever need (another doodad-gizmo-majig? Really?), so to avoid giving into that temptation, you end up in the kitchen stuffing your face, and then there goes your diet!

It just so happens that a lot of my designing occurs at this time — I don't know, something about dead silence being interrupted by the blaring TV in my room just gets me into the zone. Also, everyone's asleep so there's no one bothering me to wash dishes or fix the internet because it “broke” somehow. It's magical.

Enjoy the fruits of my insomnia! Er, labor.

  • Featured Work
    The following is a quick collection of some of my favorite and most recent projects of 2013 so far
  • Sun God
    Festival 2013
    May, 2013
    The most anticipated annual event of UCSD's entire school year, Sun God Festival is a music and arts festival put together by students for students as a chance for them to enjoy themselves, especially after midterm examinations. 2013 was the second
  • 3rd Annual
    UCSD Powwow
    May, 2013
    The UCSD Powwow has been put on annually by the UCSD Native American Student Alliance since 2011. It's a great cultural event intended to invite the general public to witness and participate in activities tied into Native American life. Specifically, this project was also a test of ability in terms of how much time was given to create the artwork and distribute it for use.
  • Swipe
    February, 2013
    Swipe Development is a mobile solutions firm based right out of San Diego with roots at UCSD. They're a brilliant team specializing in smart solutions for clients wishing to get the most out of their mobile applications, and I've had the fortunate opportunity to work with them on developing their brand through logo creation and the formation of their company's website.
  • Paper
    February-March, 2013
    While participating as an Artsbridge Scholar, I got to work with high school-level students with multimedia projects focused primarily on the usage of software like Adobe Photoshop. One of the projects I implemented was creating paper toy versions of themselves as a form of self-portraiture, and to continue developing their technical skills for graphic design.
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Cell Signaling Series
Various Instruments
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Shadows Taller
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The Blind
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Sunny Paper Toy
Carrot Paper Toy
21st Birthday
You, the Living
Professional Insomniac
San Diego-raised, JenaLyn Inong is a recent graduate from the University of California based in the same city, with a Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts (Media). At the moment she is also working as a Graphic Artist for the Associated Students Graphics Studio (ASGS) at UCSD.

On a personal note, JenaLyn is on Photoshop and Illustrator way too much, and she shares the same height as most sophomores in high school, despite having turned twenty-four in February. If you happen to be a big fan of food, Harry Potter, good tunes, and artsy-fartsy stuff, then you'll probably be wrangled into becoming her new best friend. JenaLyn also cultivates a (potentially) unhealthy obsession with paper toys. Her laughs are loud and awkward, and when she does sleep, she proudly hibernates like a bear.
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